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X-ray Nanoimaging of Crystal Defects in Single Grains of Solid-State Electrolyte Li7–3xAlxLa3Zr2O12

Cite this: Nano Lett. 2021, 21, 11, 4570–4576
Publication Date (Web):April 29, 2021
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    All-solid-state lithium batteries promise significant improvements in energy density and safety over traditional liquid electrolyte batteries. The Al-doped Li7La3Zr2O12 (LLZO) solid-state electrolyte shows excellent potential given its high ionic conductivity and good thermal, chemical, and electrochemical stability. Nevertheless, further improvements on electrochemical and mechanical properties of LLZO call for an in-depth understanding of its local microstructure. Here, we employ Bragg coherent diffractive imaging to investigate the atomic displacements inside single grains of LLZO with various Al-doping concentrations, resulting in cubic, tetragonal, and cubic–tetragonal mixed structures. We observe coexisting domains of different crystallographic orientations in the tetragonal structure. We further show that Al doping leads to crystal defects such as dislocations and phase boundaries in the mixed- and cubic-phase grain. This study addresses the effect of Al doping on the nanoscale structure within individual grains of LLZO, which is informative for the future development of solid-state batteries.

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    • SEM images, Ewald sphere, tetragonal peaks, histograms of Bragg angles and peak widths, diffraction patterns, reconstructed amplitude, single reconstructed displacement and strain fields of the particles in the three structural phases, cross sections of averaged displacement field, additional side views of the cross sections of the strain fields (PDF)

    • Movie S1: Reconstructed 3D displacement field in the cubic structure (AVI)

    • Movie S2: Reconstructed 3D strain field in the cubic structure (AVI)

    • Movie S3: Reconstructed 3D displacement field in the mixed structure (AVI)

    • Movie S4: Reconstructed 3D strain field in the mixed structure (AVI)

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