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Adsorption and Desorption of Methylene Blue on Porous Carbon Monoliths and Nanocrystalline Cellulose

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Irish Separation Science Cluster, Dublin City University, Glasnevin, Dublin 9, Ireland
National Research Council, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4P2R2
§ Australian Centre for Research on Separation Science, School of Chemistry, University of Tasmania, Hobart 7005, Australia
Innovative Chromatography Group, Irish Separation Science Cluster, Department of Chemistry and Analytical Biological Chemistry Research Facility, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland
Cite this: ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2013, 5, 17, 8796–8804
Publication Date (Web):August 9, 2013
Copyright © 2013 American Chemical Society

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    The dynamic batch adsorption of methylene blue (MB), a widely used and toxic dye, onto nanocrystalline cellulose (NCC) and crushed powder of carbon monolith (CM) was investigated using the pseudo-first- and -second-order kinetics. CM outperformed NCC with a maximum capacity of 127 mg/g compared to 101 mg/g for NCC. The Langmuir isotherm model was applicable for describing the binding data for MB on CM and NCC, indicating the homogeneous surface of these two materials. The Gibbs free energy of −15.22 kJ/mol estimated for CM unravelled the spontaneous nature of this adsorbent for MB, appreciably faster than the use of NCC (−4.47 kJ/mol). Both pH and temperature exhibited only a modest effect on the adsorption of MB onto CM. The desorption of MB from CM using acetonitrile was very effective with more than 94 % of MB desorbed from CM within 10 min to allow the reusability of this porous carbon material. In contrast, acetonitrile was less effective than ethanol in desorbing MB from NCC. The two solvents were incapable of completely desorbing MB on commercial granular coal-derived activated carbon.

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