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Comparison of 64Cu-Complexing Bifunctional Chelators for Radioimmunoconjugation: Labeling Efficiency, Specific Activity, and in Vitro/in Vivo Stability

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King’s College London, Division of Imaging Sciences and Biomedical Engineering, 4th Floor Lambeth Wing, St. Thomas’ Hospital, SE1 7EH, London, United Kingdom
School of Chemistry and Bio21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute, University of Melbourne, Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria 3010, Australia
*Phone: +44 (0)20 7188 8376. E-mail: [email protected]
Cite this: Bioconjugate Chem. 2012, 23, 5, 1029–1039
Publication Date (Web):April 4, 2012
Copyright © 2012 American Chemical Society

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    High radiolabeling efficiency, preferably to high specific activity, and good stability of the radioimmunoconjugate are essential features for a successful immunoconjugate for imaging or therapy. In this study, the radiolabeling efficiency, in vitro stability, and biodistribution of immunoconjugates with eight different bifunctional chelators labeled with 64Cu were compared. The anti-CD20 antibody, rituximab, was conjugated to four macrocyclic bifunctional chelators (p-SCN-Bn-DOTA, p-SCN-Bn-Oxo-DO3A, p-SCN-NOTA, and p-SCN-PCTA), three DTPA derivatives (p-SCN-Bn-DTPA, p-SCN-CHX-A″-DTPA, and ITC-2B3M-DTPA), and a macrobicyclic hexamine (sarcophagine) chelator (sar-CO2H) = (1-NH2-8-NHCO(CH2)3CO2H)sar where sar = sarcophagine = 3,6,10,13,16,19-hexaazabicyclo[6.6.6]icosane). Radiolabeling efficiency under various conditions, in vitro stability in serum at 37 °C, and in vivo biodistribution and imaging in normal mice over 48 h were studied. All chelators except sar-CO2H were conjugated to rituximab by thiourea bond formation with an average of 4.9 ± 0.9 chelators per antibody molecule. Sar-CO2H was conjugated to rituximab by amide bond formation with 0.5 chelators per antibody molecule. Efficiencies of 64Cu radiolabeling were dependent on the concentration of immunoconjugate. Notably, the 64Cu-NOTA-rituximab conjugate demonstrated the highest radiochemical yield (95%) under very dilute conditions (31 nM NOTA-rituximab conjugate). Similarly, sar-CO-rituximab, containing 1/10th the number of chelators per antibody compared to that of other conjugates, retained high labeling efficiency (98%) at an antibody concentration of 250 nM. In contrast to the radioimmunoconjugates containing DTPA derivatives, which demonstrated poor serum stability, all macrocyclic radioimmunoconjugates were very stable in serum with <6% dissociation of 64Cu over 48 h. In vivo biodistribution profiles in normal female Balb/C mice were similar for all the macrocyclic radioimmunoconjugates with most of the activity remaining in the blood pool up to 48 h. While all the macrocyclic bifunctional chelators are suitable for molecular imaging using 64Cu-labeled antibody conjugates, NOTA and sar-CO2H show significant advantages over the others in that they can be radiolabeled rapidly at room temperature, under dilute conditions, resulting in high specific activity.

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    Experimental data regarding radiolabeling efficiencies of each immunoconjugate under increasingly dilute conditions, bifunctional chelator to antibody ratio determination, PET images for all radioimmunoconjugates, and HPLC radiochromatograms of radioimmunoconjguates. This material is available free of charge via the Internet at

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