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Chasing Quicksilver:  Modeling the Atmospheric Lifetime of Hg0(g) in the Marine Boundary Layer at Various Latitudes

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CNR- Institute for Atmospheric Pollution, c/o UNICAL (Polifunzionale), Rende, 87036, Italy
Cite this: Environ. Sci. Technol. 2004, 38, 1, 69–76
Publication Date (Web):November 21, 2003
Copyright © 2004 American Chemical Society

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    The lifetime of elemental mercury in the marine boundary layer (MBL) has been studied using AMCOTS (Atmospheric Mercury Chemistry Over The Sea), a box model of MBL photochemistry including aerosols and detailed mercury chemistry. Recently measured Hg0(g) oxidation reactions have been included, and the studies were performed as a function of latitude, time of year, boundary layer liquid water content (LWC) and cloud optical depth. The results show that Hg has the shortest lifetime when air temperatures are low and sunlight and deliquescent aerosol particles are plentiful. Thus the modeled lifetime for clear-sky conditions is actually shorter at mid-latitudes and high latitudes than near the equator, and for a given latitude and time of year, cooler temperatures enhance the rate of Hg oxidation. Under typical summer conditions (for a given latitude) of temperature and cloudiness, the lifetime (τ) of Hg0(g) in the MBL is calculated to be around 10 days at all latitudes between the equator and 60° N. This is much shorter than the generally accepted atmospheric residence time for Hg0(g) of a year or more. Given the relatively stable background concentrations of Hg0(g) which have been measured, continual replenishment of Hg0(g) must take place, suggesting a “multihop” mechanism for the distribution of Hg, rather than solely aeolian transport with little or no chemical transformation between source and receptor. Inclusion of an empirical Hg0(g) emission factor related to insolation was used to stabilize the Hg0(g) concentration in the model, and the emission rates necessarily agree well with estimated emission fluxes for the open ocean.

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     Corresponding author phone:  39 984-493250; fax:  39 984-493215; e-mail:  [email protected].

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