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Phosphonium-Based Ionic Liquids Analogues and Their Physical Properties

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Chemical Engineering Department, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, 50603, Malaysia, Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Department, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat 123, Oman, and Chemical Engineering Department, King Saud University, P.O. Box 800, Riyadh 11421, Saudi Arabia
* To whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail: [email protected]. Fax: +603-7967-5315.
†University of Malaya.
‡Sultan Qaboos University.
§King Saud University.
Cite this: J. Chem. Eng. Data 2010, 55, 11, 4632–4637
Publication Date (Web):September 8, 2010
Copyright © 2010 American Chemical Society

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    New ionic liquids analogues, that is, deep eutectic solvents (DESs), have been successfully synthesized. These DESs have been synthesized by the reaction of phosphonium-based salts with different hydrogen bond donors. Many of these DESs have melting temperatures lower than 100 °C. Preliminary laboratory results showed that these DESs can be used in different applications, for example, electrochemical processes, separation of sugars, and so forth. Melting temperature, density, viscosity, pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen content of the novel phosphonium-based DESs were measured as a function of temperature. It was found that the type of the salt and hydrogen bond donor and the mole ratio of both compounds have a paramount effect on the studied properties.

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    Tables of the freezing point, viscosities, conductivities, pH, densities, dissolved oxygen content, and refractive indices. This material is available free of charge via the Internet at

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