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Simultaneous Determination of Multiple Phytohormones in Plant Extracts by Liquid Chromatography−Electrospray Tandem Mass Spectrometry

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Departamento de Ciencias Experimentales, Universitat Jaume I, Campus Riu Sec, E-12071 Castelló, Spain, and Departament of Natural Product Biotechnology, Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry, Weinberg 3, D-06120 Halle (Saale), Germany
Cite this: J. Agric. Food Chem. 2005, 53, 22, 8437–8442
Publication Date (Web):October 1, 2005
Copyright © 2005 American Chemical Society
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A rapid multiresidue method to quantify three different classes of plant hormones has been developed. The reduced concentrations of these metabolites in real samples with complex matrixes require sensitive techniques for their quantification in small amounts of plant tissue. The method described combines high-performance liquid chromatography with electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry. Deuterium-labeled standards were added prior to sample extraction to achieve an accurate quantification of abscisic acid, indole-3-acetic acid, and jasmonic acid in a single run. A simple method of extraction and purification involving only centrifugation, a partition against diethyl ether, and filtration was developed and the analytical method validated in four different plant tissues, citrus leaves, papaya roots, barley seedlings, and barley immature embryos. This method represents a clear advantage because it extensively reduces sample preparation and total time for routine analysis of phytohormones in real plant samples.

Keywords: Abscisic acid; barley; citrus; indole-3-acetic acid; jasmonic acid; LC−ESI-MS/MS; papaya

 Universitat Jaume I.

 A.D. and V.A. contributed equally to this work


 Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry.


 To whom correspondence should be addressed. Phone:  34-964729402. Fax:  34-964728066. E-mail:  [email protected]

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