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Palladium Nanoparticle-Loaded Cellulose Paper: A Highly Efficient, Robust, and Recyclable Self-Assembled Composite Catalytic System

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Departamento de Química Física, Universidade de Vigo, 36310 Vigo, Spain
Bionanoplasmonics Laboratory, CIC biomaGUNE, Paseo de Miramón 182, 20009 Donostia - San Sebastián, Spain
§ Departamento de Química Orgánica, Universidade de Vigo, 36310 Vigo, Spain
Physical Organic Chemistry Centre, School of Chemistry, Cardiff University, Main Building, Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3AT, United Kingdom
Ikerbasque, Basque Foundation for Science, 48011 Bilbao, Spain
*E-mail: [email protected] (J. P.-J.).
*E-mail: [email protected] (I. P.-S.).
Cite this: J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2015, 6, 2, 230–238
Publication Date (Web):December 19, 2014
Copyright © 2014 American Chemical Society

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    We present a novel strategy based on the immobilization of palladium nanoparticles (Pd NPs) on filter paper for development of a catalytic system with high efficiency and recyclability. Oleylamine-capped Pd nanoparticles, dispersed in an organic solvent, strongly adsorb on cellulose filter paper, which shows a great ability to wick fluids due to its microfiber structure. Strong van der Waals forces and hydrophobic interactions between the particles and the substrate lead to nanoparticle immobilization, with no desorption upon further immersion in any solvent. The prepared Pd NP-loaded paper substrates were tested for several model reactions such as the oxidative homocoupling of arylboronic acids, the Suzuki cross-coupling reaction, and nitro-to-amine reduction, and they display efficient catalytic activity and excellent recyclability and reusability. This approach of using NP-loaded paper substrates as reusable catalysts is expected to open doors for new types of catalytic support for practical applications.

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    Experimental section, a movie showing the preparation of the Pd-doped paper catalyst, and 15 figures and tables composed of additional TEM, first-order rate constants, reaction yields, and NMR spectroscopic characterization data. This material is available free of charge via the Internet at

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