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Application of In Silico, In Vitro and Preclinical Pharmacokinetic Data for the Effective and Efficient Prediction of Human Pharmacokinetics

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Respiratory & Inflammation DMPK, AstraZeneca R&D, Mölndal, SE 43183 Mölndal, Sweden
*AstraZeneca, Respiratory & Inflammation DMPK, AstraZeneca R&D Mölndal, SE 43183 Mölndal, Sweden. Tel: +46 (0)317761815. Fax: +46 (0)317762800. E-mail: [email protected]
Cite this: Mol. Pharmaceutics 2013, 10, 4, 1191–1206
Publication Date (Web):December 19, 2012
Copyright © 2012 American Chemical Society

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    In the present age of pharmaceutical research and development, focused delivery of decision making data is more imperative than ever before. Resulting from several years’ success, failure and consequential learning, this article also proffers advice and guidance on which in vitro and in vivo experiments to perform to facilitate efficient and cost-effective pursuit of candidate drugs with acceptable human pharmacokinetic profiles. Predictive in silico models are important in directing design toward compounds with the highest probability of having suitable DMPK properties rather than in predicting human pharmacokinetics per se, and the value and utility of such approaches are reviewed with the intention of providing direction to DMPK scientists. Relating to absorption, distribution, elimination and effective half-life, strategies are described to provide direction in commonly encountered scenarios.

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