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Shape Memory- and Hydrogen Bonding-Based Strong Reversible Adhesive System

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Chemical Sciences & Materials Systems Laboratory, General Motors Research & Development Center, Mail Code: 480-106-710, 30500 Mound Road, Warren, Michigan 48090-9055
*Corresponding author. E-mail: [email protected]. Tel: (586) 947-2471.
Cite this: Langmuir 2010, 26, 5, 2999–3002
Publication Date (Web):February 2, 2010
Copyright © 2010 American Chemical Society

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    Shape memory properties have been utilized to promote hydrogen bonding interactions at the interface between two rigid polymers. This leads to the creation of a reversible solid-based adhesive system with adhesive strength comparable to that of conventional liquid adhesives.

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    Experimental details and additional discussion of the noncovalent nature of BPEI-based adhesives. This material is available free of charge via the Internet at

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