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Innovation in Measurement Science | Proteome | Proteomics to Discover Post Translational Modifications

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Proteome | Proteomics to Discover Post Translational Modifications

Advancing proteomic technology is improving the ability to study the proteome to learn new biology and to aid in the diagnosis of disease. This symposium will probe new strategies to identify and quantify post-translational modifications to determine their biological roles. The speakers will encompass bottom-up strategies as well as top-down to identify PTMs as well as proteoforms.


Justyna Fert-Bober
Assistant Professor, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Heart Institute
Nicolas L. Young
Baylor College of Medicine
Birgit Schilling
Buck Institute for Research on Aging, San Francisco
Rebekah L. Gundry
Professor, Vice Chair, University of Nebraska Medical Center

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