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Innovation in Measurement Science: Sensors | Frontiers in sensing: In vivo sensors

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Analytical chemistryAnalytical chemistry
Chemical biologyChemical biology

Innovation in Measurement Science Day 1: Sensors | Frontiers in sensing: In vivo sensors

Sensors for biological measurements could change the way that we currently measure analytes in the body, but the design requirements for implementing these tools in vivo are challenging. Among the obstacles that sensors face include fouling, specificity, and biocompatibility/foreign body response. A variety of sensors, including electrochemical and optical, have progressed significantly to address these challenges. This symposium will highlight sensing technologies that have made major advances in long-term sensing in vivo.


Lanqun Mao
Associate Editor, ACS Sensors; Beijing Normal University
Jill Venton
Professor, University of Virginia
Markita Landry
Assistant Professor, University of California Berkeley
Michael S. Strano
Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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